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If you're interested in becoming a Client, email 5-10 Professional Images, Reel (if you are an Actor/Actress, Broadcaster, Comedian), Music (if you are a Musician), Facebook URL, Any other Social Networking URL, Cell Number and Entertainment Resume for review to We are unable to return submissions to you. W.E. look forward to the possibility of having you as a client and managing you.


MANAGERS - World Entertainment Agency:

Earn 20% commission on all work you book, regardless of their role in helping you get any particular audition or booking

May ask you to sign a one-year contract, as their role is far more long-term and personal than an agent's, and they often expect to work for you for quite some time before seeing any return on their investment in the form of commissions

Invest a great deal of their time and energy into your potential as a working talent long before you have a track record of booking consistently

Advise you on your image, headshots, resumé format and content, acting classes, demo reel, website, personal appearances, and career direction

Guide and advise you in every aspect of your career

Negotiate all opportunities, deals, bookings etc.

Handle all inquires from emails, text messages, phone calls etc.

Handle all contracts, riders, agreements etc.

Determine your most marketable type and the projects on which your "type" is the most likely to find work

Help you target appropriate agencies when the time is right


Are state-licensed and operated under the (fractured) SAG franchise agreement or are members of the ATA

Earn 10% commission on work you book that is a direct result of their submission, pitch, or meeting with the casting director or producer

Ask you to sign a one-year contract with a 91-day performance-based out clause

May have input on your headshots, but rarely would want to sit with you and look at all 400 digital shots from your session

Submit, pitch, and hustle to get you in the door with casting directors

Work to bring you to the level of "offer only," at which time they will read scripts on your behalf and recommend your course of action

Sign you based on your track record as a working actor and drop you when you can't seem to get a callback on anything anymore

As you can probably see, there is plenty of room for overlap, and even more room for a partnership. Many agents and managers work together every day to create the best possible team-based approach to success for their mutual clients.

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